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Character/Series: Yugo and Rin (Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V)

Just a banana dork with his apple!

Back when Yugo mistook Yuzu for Rin, I felt so sorry for poor Yugo since he looked so pleased to finally be reunited with Rin, only for it to not actually be her. Back then I promised myself that once Rin's design was released, I'd draw a picture of them together! (Yugo's obvious crush on Rin is way too adorable!)
I tried a few different things with the shading, mostly doing a sort of light gradient at first, then building up the stronger shades/highlights, also tried doing both hard and soft edged shading instead of my usual BLEND EVERYTHING style. I really do like the end result of this! It's actually a style of shading I ended up sticking too for newer pictures.

As for what's even happening in the picture, she was in the middle of telling him off about something, but some cheeky/sneaky off-screen hand-holding happened which caught her a little off-guard. He's just pleased to have her back by his side!

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