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This is an illustration I drew for a Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Zine, Miracle Illusions, which had a fairy tale theme! This was the first time I’ve ever drawn something for a zine, so I was equal parts nervous and excited, but I’m really happy with how this picture came out!

Originally I was going for the feel of something like a puppet show, which is what made me think of doing a silhouetted background. As for the Pied Piper idea, I felt it was something that really suited Dennis, considering not only his entertainer side, but also how he was a spy for Academia and basically 'lead the others on' into believing he was on their side, thus him leading the rat versions of the Lancers.

I decided to place Shun at the back of the group, as he was the one who trusted Dennis the least/was suspicious of him the most.

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