This is the album for any doodles, quick pictures or sketches that I do, whether original art or fanart! A lot of these you will be able to find on my Tumblr as well!

Image order is Newest --> Oldest!
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Happy Isabelle
Sevens Beans
Flurry and Me
Ruka Terasaki (AU RP)
Yuma Tsukumo (AU RP)
Kotori Mizuki (AU RP)
Yuto Sakaki (AU RP)
Yuya Sakaki (AU RP)
Bunny Bros
Dynamax THIS!
Gym Leadersona
Sleepy Rockruff
Cutest Pyukumuku
Hugs for Vulpix
Alola News
Running with Alolan Vulpix
Cute Drifloon
Sun and Moon 3

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