London MCM Comic Con May 2017

I attended the London MCM Comic Con this past weekend (May 26th – 28th) and I thought I’d write up a little bit about it, as I’m going to hopefully try and use this blog a little more to write up about little bits and bobs here and there!


I travelled down to London on the Thursday with my good friends Alison and Tony. Alison was attending the event all weekend with me, while Tony was just staying overnight so he could hang out with us all in London, which is exactly what we did! We arrived at the hotel, got ready and went straight back out to have a fun time!
While going around London, I decided to take a travel buddy with me, in the form of a little Rowlet plush I had gotten only a week or so before, so I could take photos of him in various places in the city. Safe to say I’m sure Rowlet had a great time with us (haha!)

Rowlet’s Adventures in London

We first headed to the Japan Centre where we had a chicken katsu curry meal (Alison and I had been looking forward to that for months!) before we headed off to the Namco Arcade where we met up with our other friends. Tony was running both an air hockey tournament between us, as well as a Mario Kart tournament. I lost in both and even won the losers prize for the Mario Kart one (I suck at Mario Kart so baaad, but all the games were incredibly fun to take part in!) Then, after our fun at the arcade was over, we did our traditional journey back to the ExCel via a boat ride on the Thames and the Sky Ride!

Travelling back to the ExCel


On Friday, Alison and I were wearing our Pokémon Cosplays since there was a Pokémon meet later in that day that we were considering going to. I had brought along my Pokémon Trainer Lyra (Pokémon HG/SS) cosplay, which was only the second time I had worn it (with the other time being at Amecon last year). It’s a cosplay I’d always wanted to do as I felt it suited me and the characters hair was even a similar colour to my own.

Chikorita is my starter, of course~

Friday was pretty much the shopping day, as it’s the least busy of the three day event. Both convention halls were so huge and there was so much to look around, it was great!
After the shopping, we went and hung out at the Pokémon meet for a little bit, photos of which can be found on my website and Facebook galleries! It was a small-ish meet (I imagine the meet on Saturday was probably much bigger) but everyone there had such lovely cosplays and it was great to see such a different range of trainers and Pokémon.

Team Rocket VS Team Skull


Saturday was the day of the Yu-Gi-Oh meet, which is one of the things I had been most looking forward to for this event. Alison and I attended their meet the previous year and it was so much fun, that we left it inspired to do cosplays of our own so we could join them this year. A Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay is something I’ve always wanted to do, but I always felt I’d never be able to, as I’m not particularly good at sewing and have little knowledge on wigs, but it’s amazing what a little push in the right direction will do. Our Yuto and Yuya cosplays were a complete year in planning/making and thankfully I found most of Yuya fairly easy to put together. The wig was the scariest part. It was just a wig off ebay that was made for Yuya, but the bangs were rather too long, so I had to cut them down, but thankfully it all worked out.
I commissioned a friend of mine, Cauldron of Mischief Cosplay, to make the cloak and it turned out absolutely amazing!

I gotta admit, in all the time I’ve been going to conventions, Yuya has been my most favourite cosplay so far. It was so much fun to wear! A lot of people around the convention really enjoyed our cosplays too and it was the most either of us had ever been stopped and asked for photos!

The meet itself was a ton of fun. I love how friendly the entire group is, which is what I loved about them last year. It was great to see those we met last year, as well as meeting new people there. Everyone’s cosplays looked so amazing! The meets are also always so wonderfully organised with the photoshoots too.
It was great hanging out with them for the afternoon and I hope to bring Yuya again next year!

Photos from the meet can be found on the website gallery and my Facebook gallery!



For me, Sunday was was a no cosplay day. I’d worked on Yuya so much that I didn’t really have the time to consider a cosplay for the Sunday, so instead I decided to take Rowlet around with me again. I had fun placing him on some of the cardboard stands around the convention.

He’s helping.

Sunday was pretty much another shopping day for me, though this time I concentrated a bit more on getting some art prints. As an artist myself, I love to try and support some fellow artists at each event I go to, so I love walking around and seeing what catches my eye. I ended up getting prints from Katie White Art and Ry-Spirit. Also, in my travels around the Comic Village, I came across Sylfaenn/The Green Ferret Illustration. Her lovely ferret art really caught my eye, so I just had to get a few prints!

After this, we went to the Legend of Zelda Cosplay Record attempt, as Alison was taking part in that as Oracle of Seasons Link. Although the record wasn’t beaten, it was still a very fun gathering and it was lovely to see so many amazing Legend of Zelda cosplays.
The photos I took from this can be found on my website gallery and Facebook!

Legend of Zelda record attempt

As the convention was winding down on it’s last day, Alison and I went out for food and got caught in a couple of rain downpours. We had planned to play a little Pokémon Go that evening, but with the weather being so unpredictable we did decide against the idea, until later that evening when it actually dried up a bit. Despite being rather settled in our hotel room, we decided instead to actually go on a little Poké-walk, which I’m glad we did as I actually managed to catch a Dratini which gave me the last candy I needed for my very first Dragonite! We also watched a few planes fly into London City Airport and I got a second video of one for my dad, who loves watching planes take off/land.

Thankfully our journey back on Monday was actually very pleasant and hassle free, which is always good. Though we got to Kings Cross Station hours before our train, but it gave us time to get some food and also play a bit of Pokémon Go outside the station (we didn’t get anything amazing on the lure we set up, haha)

Overall it was an amazing weekend and was definitely something I really needed. I’m really looking forward to going next year!
Though until then, I also have Kitacon coming up in a few months time, so I’m really looking forward to going to that too!

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