I’ve been a little quiet here on my website for a bit. The reasons for that was my computer of 3 years deciding it didn’t want to work right anymore and it started having booting issues not that long after returning from Amecon. I tried managing with it for a few months (I found taking out the battery and putting it back in made it work for a bit) but it eventually just became too touch and go, so I had to go through the stress of getting a new computer. So I’ve had to get used to a new machine, move everything over and gradually install things ect.
My main fear of getting a Windows 10 computer was whether Paint Tool SAI would work with it, but thankfully it works without me having to do any kind of compatibility stuff with it.
Thankfully now I’m more or less set up on it, and I had to mess around with some settings after the new computer crashed on me while watching Youtube videos, but after stopping a bunch of unnecessary stuff from working in the background, I haven’t had this problem and I’m feeling more confidant with the new computer.

Then after this it hit the winter/holiday months and I sadly suffer a lot with seasonal depression this time of the year, but the holiday season is thankfully over now and so I’m trying to gradually pick myself back up, but it might be a few more months before I become fully functional again. I was doing so well through the summer months, especially when Pokémon Go was released. I actually started getting up early to go on walks and it helped me feel a lot better (as I struggle with anxiety and depression through the year too), but at the moment, while it’s cold, I don’t even want to go outside. Though I have still been meeting up with a friend semi-regularly to play Pokémon Go where she lives (which is much better than where I live, haha!)

I’ve been trying to focus on more positive things, so I decided to do an art summary for this years artworks that I’ve done. I decided not to do them by month, as there were some months I did more than one picture and some months were I did nothing that substantial, especially in these latter months for the reasons listed above.

Despite how difficult this year was for many reasons, I’m glad that art-wise for me it’s been a rather good year! Out of these 12 pictures, there is an equal split between fanart and original art. I also practised with a few different styles, including lineless artwork which was something I wanted to work on.

Two of these artworks (the giraffes and the dove) were drawn for my friends little boy who was born this year. The pictures were for his birth and his christening! I want to be able to give him something unique that he can look back on when he’s older, so I really want to keep drawing for him. I need to decide what to draw him for his first birthday in March! I want to spoil him a little with original artwork that is all his.

The pug picture was my first ever commission which I took on for a colleague at work. She wished for me to draw her three pugs and I’m really pleased with how the picture came out overall and I’m really glad she liked it too, she even had it framed!
I actually got to meet these pugs and their new baby sister, a little pug puppy named Lexi, later in the year and I absolutely loved it and they absolutely loved me! They were all over me, it was great!

In this new year I’m hoping to use this blog a little more to write about things and I’m hoping this year is a little more settled than last year was. Though I think 2016 wasn’t great for a lot of people. I’m also hoping to keep on top of the website and uploading pictures to my galleries, especially now I found and installed the web editor I was using (though I’ve yet to check to make sure it works!)

Here’s hoping 2017 is a lot better for us all.
And if not, well, I’ll just keep carrying on drawing cute pictures anyway.

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