Busy as a Little Bee

I’ve been working on a lot today for Chocolate Orange Doodle Drops, including finally doing designs for a proper little ‘business’ card that I hopefully will get done, ordered and received before I go to Amecon at the end of the month!


These are just small previews of the design! Front and back!
Along with this I also just created a second Facebook page for my Photography. This is mainly so anyone I take pictures of at conventions can find the pictures of their cosplays easily and can tag themselves within the photo! Although there isn’t much there at the moment, you can reach the photography face book page here: https://www.facebook.com/doodlephoto/

I also launched a little Youtube channel last week. I’ve been really into watching a lot of Youtube stuff lately, from vloggers to game playthroughs and I thought it’d be fun to use Youtube a bit more myself as well. I mainly wish to try and put up speed drawing videos there (one of which is already up there!) but also just film other various things I enjoy, like playing Pokémon games or even doing unboxing/collection videos. It’ll be a mish-mash of whatever I fancy doing. I may even do vlog type videos on outings maybe? Who knows! I did try and do that at MCM Comic Con in May, but I felt they were really rough and I didn’t do anything for the last day, so maybe I’ll try again at Amecon!
I’m a terribly shy individual, so even though I don’t mind being on camera when others are filming, when it’s me in-charge of filming myself, I feel a lot more self-conscious!
The Youtube channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG7KjfdY9Ed97x3UrK8qvOg

With this blog I intend on using it for both site updates (which will all be in the ‘site update’ category), but also just rambling about other things I like, be it talking about a game or show I’m excited for, or about an outing or holiday, or about pictures I’m working on!

As mentioned, I am going to Amecon at the end of the month (just as an attendee, but maybe one day I’ll try out signing up for an artist alley table at a convention!) and I’m looking forward to it very much. It’s actually my 10th year of going to conventions, as Amecon 2006 was my very first convention!

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