I’ve been a little quiet here on my website for a bit. The reasons for that was my computer of 3 years deciding it didn’t want to work right anymore and it started having booting issues not that long after returning from Amecon. I tried managing with it for a few months (I found taking out the battery and putting it back in made it work for a bit) but it eventually just became too touch and go, so I had to go through the stress of getting a new computer. So I’ve had to get used to a new machine, move everything over and gradually install things ect.
My main fear of getting a Windows 10 computer was whether Paint Tool SAI would work with it, but thankfully it works without me having to do any kind of compatibility stuff with it.
Thankfully now I’m more or less set up on it, and I had to mess around with some settings after the new computer crashed on me while watching Youtube videos, but after stopping a bunch of unnecessary stuff from working in the background, I haven’t had this problem and I’m feeling more confidant with the new computer.

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Busy as a Little Bee

I’ve been working on a lot today for Chocolate Orange Doodle Drops, including finally doing designs for a proper little ‘business’ card that I hopefully will get done, ordered and received before I go to Amecon at the end of the month!


These are just small previews of the design! Front and back!
Along with this I also just created a second Facebook page for my Photography. This is mainly so anyone I take pictures of at conventions can find the pictures of their cosplays easily and can tag themselves within the photo! Although there isn’t much there at the moment, you can reach the photography face book page here: https://www.facebook.com/doodlephoto/

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